Sunday, March 13, 2011


The exhibition The fourth sex. Adolescent Extremes observes and portrays the restless territory of teenagers: an incredible resource of creative energy. The show lights a series of emotional fires where ideas meet and derail in new constellations of meaning. The materials in the show reflect the complex universe of contemporary culture: fashion, communications, art, music, cinema

John Robinson

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Terry Richardson

Image for Joe's Magazine David Sims

Images from David Hamilton The Age Of Innocence

Charlotte Gainsbourg 'Jardin d'hiver' Jüergen Teller

Charlotte Gainsbourg 'Jardin d'hiver' Jüergen Teller

Patricia Hearst being escorted in handcuffs to the federal building in San Francisco to be tried for Bank Robbery, 1974

Sylvia Plath American writer

Pike Street Runaways Seattle 1983 - photo Mary Ellen Mark

Sixties Youth in London during the poets of the world unite

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