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Just about the most famous instance of this particular trend, the actual gorgeous attractive Olivia Palermo is noteworthy the socialite offers lengthy top for the leaving day and night. Furthermore, combining celebrity is blended with any man made fiber blouse and also complemented along with fashion accessories. Without doubt this sweet socialite will be the primary enthusiast from the dress.
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long skirts fashion trends

Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrity Fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker

We may know her as Carrie Bradshaw from the “Sex and the City”, but this fabulous fashionista declared more than once that she’s nothing like Carrie, except for her passion for shoes. So what else do these two style icons have in common except for their undying love for Jimmy Choo’s or Manolo Blahnik’s?

When it comes to celebrity fashion, SJP just like Carrie Bradshaw knows all to well how to wear a trend, as well as break the rules of fashion. Don’t we all know it? In fashion, rules are made to be broken, to remind everyone how fun it is to play with prints, lines and textures.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s fashion choices on the red carpet are as vast as the water sprinkles from Niagara falls. She’s reportedly a size 0, and that gives her the “oh so wanted” freedom of wearing anything she wants and look fabulous in it. From micro-minis to outstanding gowns, from ballerina dresses to shorts and vintage pieces, Sarah Jessica Parker really has the skills to set some great celebrity fashion standards, proving she has what it takes to be considered a true style icon.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s style can be described in so many words, but to be blunt, we can cut it short by saying her fashion is chic, edgy and feminine. She can rock multiple style combinations, proving her remarkable intuition and celebrity fashion courage. So whether she mixes a cute LBD with neon-pink stilettos or wears a crazy Philip Treacy hat, she always looks neat and polished, although she doesn’t really limit herself to thinking right out of the box. If you’re wondering what are her favorite pieces, take a look at vintage fashion or some of the designer creations coming from the genius minds that represent fashion houses like Chanel, Oscar de la Renta or Narcisco Rodriguez.

As for her casual wear, she likes to keep things simple, mixing day-to-day hoodies and jeans, but keeping the edge of her celebrity fashion by wearing funky and colorful accessories such as bright scarves and sunglasses, IT bags or some cool pairs of flats.

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As for an explanation of celebrity fashion, it is very difficult to come up with an answer why it is so popular. Different people like to look and dress like celebrities for different reasons. In fact, there is a sense of idealism celebrities – they live a life others only dream about. Celebrities like an alter ego, wish we could be so beautiful and famous than they are.
However, there is a disadvantage that they are very popular and well known. Many celebrities can not leave home without being recognized and followed by paparazzi wherever they go. It seems that the price of fame. But there are plenty of “ordinary” people who want to be a fan of the former were known as your favorite stars. Although dressing a certain way and are expensive bags you will not be popular, few people, men and women also know that far to watch the latest fashion celebrities.
Nowadays, celebrities known to fashion choices. It will be a trend that only a few celebrities popular because they are not much more than that! Awards Show all become fashion. Stars walk the red carpet asked: “Who are you wearing?” It is considered a great performance that carries the hottest stars today.


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Iris Van Herpen - Couture - S/S 2012


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COLLAGES: la belleza de la provocación por Ángela Anessi publicado el 03/01/2012

El creciente interés por la moda hace que las tendencias sean cada vez más homogéneas y es habitual no poder distinguir si un editorial fue publicado en Brasil, Europa o China. Esta corriente generalizada se demuestra cada vez más con las referencias que autores de diferentes ámbitos y disciplinas hacen del mundo de la moda.

Ya no nos extraña encontrar un grupo inconexo de artistas plásticos que partiendo de una estética proveniente de la moda o de editoriales directamente sacados de revistas, exploran la belleza y el culto al cuerpo de nuestra sociedad con nuevo enfoque a través del collage.

Desde el collage más pop de Quentin Jones y Prince Lauder, a las alegorías de Javier Piñón, pasando la deconstrucción de Lylybye, cada uno aporta su visión de lo divino, la belleza, la muerte y la fascinación por la moda en su búsqueda por un lenguaje personal que rompa con los estándares de la estética clásica desarrollando nuevos lenguajes y armonías.


David Delalee es quien se esconde tras Lylybye, en su versión, web, blog y Tumblr. Es en su Tumblr donde el parisino, que además trabaja como maquillador y fotógrafo, muestra sus collages.

Sus piezas son realizadas a partir de fotos de editoriales y anuncios del sector lujo para transformarlas en nuevas obras de un alto impacto gráfico a través un laborioso proceso de recorte y ensamblaje.

Thanks Ángela Anessi !!!!

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